For over ten years, we have worked with high-growth companies to scale their teams, from the board level down. Along the way, we have learnt a lot about how different companies do this well. In addition, we have grown from a one-man band to a team of 150, while at the same time being voted by our employees as one of the Top 20 Best Companies to Work for in the UK.

We want to use the insights we have gained along the way to help people build their talent programmes.

Phase 1 is Discovery. This questionnaire allows us to pin-point what is working well, and agree what your priority issues are.

We will then be able to tailor our advice to either help you create a plan, or the tools you need to execute against it, while ensuring whatever coaching we give is focussed on your building and refining your own capability.

This first exercise will give you an overview of your talent strengths and weaknesses.

It will also create a report which will score your organization in each of 5 key talent categories, and give an overall % against a state of talent perfection. So repeating this over time will help track your progress too.

Finally, questionnaire is only 20 questions long. If you want a quick score, you can clip through this in 10 minutes.

However, we highly recommend setting aside at least 45 minutes to go though this with one or two senior leaders, especially if you are doing this for the first time. The more attention you give the answers to "What's front of mind for you in this area?", the more you'll get out of the process. In addition, these answers really help us understand your unique challenges and their context, as well as your current capability in the area.