General ratings

* 1. How happy are you with the Nelson Medical Practice?

* 2. How well do we do in answering the telephone in a reasonable time?

* 3. How well do we do in making you feel welcome at reception and dealing with your need?

* 4. How well do we do in dealing with repeat prescriptions?

* 5. We now offer appointments between the following times:
Mon to Tues   8am-8pm
Wed to Thurs 7am-8pm
Friday            7am-6.30pm
Saturday        8.30am-11.30am
How happy are you with this range of appointment times?

* 6. What is more important you in respect of appointment scheduling?

Providing more of them in core hours (8am-6.30pm)
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 7. How well do we do in providing routine appointments when you need them?

* 8. We have a dedicated Same Day Team of clinicians working 8am-6.30pm Mon-Fri to speak to you on the phone and to see anyone who needs to be seen that day.  How well do you feel we do in dealing with urgent problems that you may have?

* 9. Each patient in the practice has a named doctor who belongs to a clinical team (red, yellow or green teams). Were you aware of the team system?

* 10. Do you know who the doctors in your team are? (Team members are shown in the Staff section of our website)

* 11. How well do we do in providing you with continuity of care using our clinical teams?

* 12. We have a team messaging system so that a member of your team can call you back, we also have the Same Day Team telephone call backs. How well do you feel we do in providing medical care over the telephone?

* 13. Do you feel confident in our clinicians?

* 14. Roughly how often have you accessed our website?