1. Hairdressing Survey – National Occupational Standards Review

Welcome to the Survey for the review of the Hairdressing National Occupational Standards

Skills Active, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being. Habia is part of the Skills Active group have been commissioned to review the Hairdressing National Occupational Standards.

Why complete the survey?
· To share your expertise to raise skills and standards in the sector
· To support and shape future qualifications

Purpose of the survey:
During these unprecedented times brings an increased necessity to do what we can to ‘support’ and ‘future proof’ businesses and safe practices. Over the past few months, we have worked with teams of industry experts to develop the draft National Occupational Standards for Hairdressing creating a robust and coherent set of standards in light of ‘new ways of working’. We would now like your views on what is being proposed.

A summary of the key changes/additions to the draft NOS to date:
· strengthening the requirement for health and safety, risk assessment and infection control in light of the current situation
· recommendation that users of the NOS have a First aid at work qualification
· addition of overarching standards that will be used in conjunction with each ‘service’ NOS
· standardisation of core NOS that overarch all hair, beauty, barbering, spa and nail suites
· aftercare ‘instructions’ as opposed to recommendations to reduce the risk of adverse reactions
· reference to reflective practice and evaluation for continuous improvement
· related theoretical knowledge strengthened with use of technical terminology to raise standards
· the merge all hair and skin classifications and techniques to fill skills gaps and improve service delivery
· the aim is to make each ‘technique or function’ a ‘NOS’ as opposed to gender specific
· added new technologies
· addition of a procedure protocol to each NOS to raise standards

How long will the survey take to complete?
Following the review of the draft NOS, approximately 20-30 minutes
How long will the survey be open?
This questionnaire is available from the 2nd December 2020 until Thursday 7th January 2021. Feedback from this UK wide consultation will then inform the final drafting of the NOS. This NOS project is due to conclude in March 2021 following which the new NOS will be made available.
Additional to the online Consultation, Habia/SkillsActive will be conducting ‘telephone’ surveys and two remote events, 10am,  Monday 7th December 2020 and Monday 4th January 2021, 10am – 12pm. Please contact info@habia.org for further details. If you know others who may be interested in taking part in the consultation, please pass on the survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/93LR965