Welcome to our PrEP for HIV Survey

What is this questionnaire about?

This questionnaire is about PrEP – ‘Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV’. This means taking medication before having sex to reduce the risk of catching HIV. 
The closing date for the survey is Friday 3 August 2018

Who is this questionnaire for?

This questionnaire is for you. You don’t need to have a particular sexual identity or engage in particular sexual activities! However this questionnaire will ask questions about sexual orientation and identity, and about sexual activities – this is so we can find out if different groups have different needs around PrEP, and might require different kinds of services, support and information. The questionnaire is anonymous unless you want to provide your contact details because you’re interested in working further with Dhiverse around PrEP.

Why should you fill in this Questionnaire?

PrEP is a relatively new way of preventing HIV transmission. Currently it is not available free on the NHS other than through a very limited clinical trial. We know that there is considerable demand for PrEP, and in particular that many gay and bisexual men are buying PrEP privately. In order to ensure that everyone can protect themselves from HIV in the most appropriate and effective way, and to ensure that everyone who wishes to access PrEP can do so, and receive the medical support they need, we are sending out this questionnaire. We need to know what your needs are, and find out about any experiences (positive or negative) you may have had while accessing or trying to access PrEP.


We do not ask you any questions which would enable us to identify who you are or where you live. However we will offer you the opportunity to leave contact details should you wish to work with DHIVERSE in the future on monitoring local needs and issues around PrEP.

How to complete the survey

Tick the relevant box or boxes for each question and if a question says ‘in your own words’ please write as much as you like.

Dhiverse working group

Dhiverse is setting up a working group to look at the needs of local communities around PrEP, and to gain feedback on the experience of individuals accessing PrEP. If you would like to be involved please contact us by any of the methods shown at the end of this survey or leave your contact at the end of the survey so we can get in touch.