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  • This survey aims to support the development of guidance intended to build capacity to undertake National Ecosystem Assessments (NEAs), and provide information around the way national ecosystem assessments can support the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The guidance, once complete, will be useful for decision-makers and assessment practitioners alike.
  • The guidance document will be laid out around six themes: biodiversity planning, biodiversity monitoring, technical and scientific cooperation, communication & education, capacity- building, resource mobilisation. Each theme will have six subsections: summary of a theme, the challenge, how a national ecosystem assessment can help, step-by-step guidance or top tips, key resources & case studies.
  • It is hoped this survey will collect existing resources and best practice case studies which can be integrated into the guidance, as well as respondent’s ideas on the type of guidance/top-tips that might be useful. Respondents are not expected to answer all questions- this survey is being used to collect ideas, case studies and other additional resources.
By taking this survey, you acknowledge that your participation is voluntary, and you have the right to withdraw at any time.

At the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), we are committed to being transparent about the use of your personal data. Your data will be stored securely and will not be shared with or sold to Third parties. Please read our policy. Should you choose to provide your name and contact details, these will only be used to contact you about the information that you have submitted. Your data will be stored in our contacts database until 30th April 2020 at which time, it is hoped the guidance will complete and shared widely.

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  • The rest of this survey is laid out over six thematic pages covering: biodiversity planning, biodiversity monitoring, technical and scientific cooperation, communication & education, capacity-building and resource mobilisation.
  • A summary is provided for each of these themes, followed by questions to gather existing case studies/resources that respondents might be aware of. A second question asks for information to identify what type of guidance might be useful to respondents.
Please feel free to only answer the questions that you feel able to. Any feedback, case studies or other resources that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
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