URGENT ACTION FOR LABOUR MEMBERS: Call on Labour Party NEC to convene a special conference on Brexit

On 21 December, we sent an open letter to Labour Party NEC asking them to convene a special conference on Labour Brexit policy in early January. It was signed by 250 Party members in just 36 hours. In fact, it proved so popular we've had to convert it into a petition.

If you'd like Labour to lead on calling for a public vote with an option to stay in the EU, please sign the petition by completing a few simple details below.

We will submit the petition in time for the NEC meeting on 29 January.  So, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM NOW! And then share it with other sympathetic Labour members and groups.

NB 1. You must be a Labour Party member to complete this survey

NB 2. For those members who have previously asked us to add their name to the open letter, please also add your name to the petition so that we have a complete list

PETITION: Calling on Labour Party NEC to convene a special conference on Brexit policy as soon as possible
As Labour Party members, we call on the Labour Party NEC to convene a special conference, as soon as possible and by the end of February at the latest, to clarify and adjust the Party’s policy on Brexit.

We believe the situation has changed radically and quickly since Party policy on Brexit was agreed at Conference in September. We now know the Government is highly unlikely to get their proposed Brexit deal through Parliament, whenever it is eventually resubmitted, and that Parliament is deadlocked with no apparent majority for any specific arrangement for leaving the EU. Having become the first government ever to be found in contempt of Parliament, this abysmal Tory Government is continuing to treat Parliament with contempt and is doing everything it can to delay the “meaningful vote” on their proposed deal in order to run down the clock with the threat of a catastrophe No Deal hanging over people’s heads. At the same time, despite the Labour Party leadership’s best efforts, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to force a general election before 29 March 2019. Therefore, unless something changes, the UK will crash out of the EU on 29 March 2019 with No Deal bringing catastrophe to the country and even greater suffering to the least well-off.

We believe that this situation, less than three months away from the deadline, constitutes a national emergency. Therefore, Labour needs to move quickly to clarify our position on a public vote.

Given the dramatic change in circumstances, the growing prospect of a catastrophic No Deal, and the views of the large majority of Party members (in one recent poll, 89% of members support a public vote), it is essential that Party members have the opportunity to decide on a new course of action.

Therefore, we:

Call on the Labour NEC immediately to organise a half day recall of the 2018 Labour Party Conference [Special Conference] to discuss the single issue of a public vote on the Tory Deal, with an option to stay in the EU. This special conference should take place as soon as possible and by the end of February 2019 at the very latest

As Jeremy Corbyn said when he became leader, "one firm commitment that I make to people who join our Labour Party is that you have the final say in deciding on the policies of our party".  We would like him to stick to that commitment.

When the opportunity to lead presents itself, we believe the Labour Party must lead!

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