Please give us your ideas and suggestions by 28 April 2019

This survey is seeking views and ideas around how best the council can work with others (communities, volunteers, partners, local businesses, town and community councils etc.) to sustain library services including mobile and the smaller ten branch libraries that currently run in the following towns: 
  • Builth Wells
  • Hay-on-Wye
  • Knighton
  • Llanfair Caereinon
  • Llanfyllin
  • Llanidloes
  • Llanwrtyd Wells
  • Presteigne
  • Rhayader
  • Talgarth

In recent years a number of town and community councils have contributed resources or waivered rent and other costs to ensure their library remains open.

The Library Service is tasked with finding savings of £200k during the financial year (April 2020 – March 2021) and want to capture views and opportunities from communities on how best to meet these savings whilst sustaining libraries.  

We know libraries are historically much loved and valued by users and would really like to hear from anyone who can help us sustain them.  

We are seeking ideas / comments around three things:

  1. income generation - how could the library make money so as to reduce the savings needed?
  2. additional savings - what else could be done to reduce costs? 
  3. support and partner plans - who in the local community might be able to work with us to help sustain the service going forward?

We would love to hear from any of the following:

  • local businesses who could become patrons or may want to consider a sponsorship deal
  • groups or clubs who might like to rent some space from us out of hours   
  • anyone else

We are conducting a three month review to allow time to consider ideas and suggestions.  Please do have your say by 28th April 2019. 

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* 1. Are you responding to this survey as...?   Tick all that apply.

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* 2. Which library do you use/visit or wish to contribute your ideas on? Please choose only one of the following. 

Since launching the review, members have agreed a year's reprieve to allow for views and communities to work together on possible solutions.  Initially we were seeking views on the smaller ten branch libraries but we are happy to capture views on the bigger six branches too if you have ideas on these.  If this applies to you, please tick "other" and give the name of the branch.

Please note:  Because there are potentially different solutions and discussions to be had per library we are keen to analyse the views given on a library by library basis.  This is why we'd like you to select just one library.  However if you have a general view please tick the last box and give us your views.

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* 3. Firstly, we're looking for any ideas around how to generate or bring more money into each library branch.  If you have some thoughts / ideas please use this space to share them with us. 

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* 4. Next we'd be keen to hear about any additional savings that we could make within the branch libraries?   Please use this space to give any you can think of.

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* 5. Who do you think might be best placed to work with us to cover the running costs of the library going forward?   
This could be a public sector or voluntary organisation, a local business or the town council.  We don't want to assume any of these should do so.  We are interested in your view and we are already in discussions with town councils and are looking for other current or potential funders.

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* 6. There are currently two mobile library vans covering Powys.  One for the North and one for the South.  Do you use the mobile library service at all?
The van stops at specified locations on an agreed date and time in the more rural communities.  It also provides a service on route for housebound residents. 

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* 7. How might the mobile library service be able to ...

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* 8. Thinking about the longer term, if you can see any other opportunities that could support and sustain the mobile library or your branch library in your community please use this space to share them.