PPI DC Future Book: DC Assets Allocation Survey 2020

Feel free to preview the survey by taking it and entering "test" in the name and organisations fields at the front.
This survey is being conducted by the Pensions Policy Institute in order to support yearly tracking and publication of Defined Contribution trend data in order to inform the annual publication of the Future Book. All of your answers will be confidential and all data will be anonymised before publication. 

This survey will take you through each scheme you run individually. Please continue clicking NEXT on completing of each page until you have been through the entire survey. 

The survey will ask you if you run a: 
Master-trust/multi-employer scheme
A Group Personal Pension Arrangement
A Stakeholder Pension scheme 
A Group Self-invested Personal Pension arrangement and/or
An individual Personal Pension scheme

If you do run one or more of these schemes, you will be taken to a page asking for further details on the default strategy and the asset allocation of each scheme separately. If you offer more than one type of arrangement, the survey allows you to give a range. 

This survey should take around 30-60 minutes to complete but will require extra preparation time for sourcing data

If you have any questions or feedback on the survey, please contact: Lauren Wilkinson

Feel free to preview the survey by taking it and entering "test" in the name and organisation fields at the front.
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