You are invited to participate in a survey of European academic libraries commissioned by SPARC Europe. This survey was developed by SPARC Europe in consultation with members of the European Open Education Librarian Network.

Having shown consistent leadership in opening up their research, developing policy and practice in Open Access, Open Scholarship and Open Science for years now; libraries are natural Open Education (OE) partners. We define OE as resources, tools and practices that are free of legal, financial and technical barriers and can be fully used, shared and adapted in the digital environment.  

Whilst some Higher Education libraries have taken on the OE challenge, others are still to do so. This survey intends to shine a light on the development of OE in academic libraries in Europe. Results will help inform how we can work together to strengthen Open Education and Open Education Resources in our institutions across Europe. The ultimate goal is to increase Open Education and OER support in Higher Education institutions and their libraries.
We recognise that many who participate in the survey will not be active on the full range of issues covered. Please do not be discouraged if some questions do not correspond with your current ways of working: all answers will help us paint a picture of OE in Europe.
The survey requests information on total staff and student numbers and a short summary of your OE policy, if your organisation has one. It may be useful to have this information and document to hand prior to starting the survey.
Completing the survey will take approximately 30 minutes. A PDF is downloadable here. You don’t need to complete the survey in one sitting. You can close it and return later to the page where you left off. Leaving the survey via the exit button on the top right of the page saves your progress. Return to the survey, using the link and the device you started on. Although we would like you to answer every question, only those marked with an asterisk * are mandatory.
This survey should be completed by the main individual responsible for OE in your library, e.g. OE Librarian, Teaching & Learning Librarian, or if absent, the Library Director. You may wish to discuss who will be the most suitable respondent.

Ethics and data protection policy The survey is managed by SPARC Europe. You may supply your name and contact details to be informed of the outcomes of this study and to answer any follow-up questions. No personal information is required to submit a response.

The survey deadline is Friday, 24 Jan 2020