LOVE ARTS - The Future

Love Arts Festival is not happening in 2019. We're taking the time to work out what the future holds for Love Arts. Since 2011 we've been running the annual celebration of creativity and mental well-being in Leeds. Now it's time to listen and reflect. 

Please fill in the survey by 8th March 2019.

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* 1. WHAT

Imagine your perfect Love Arts Festival. What would it look like and feel like?

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* 2. WHY

Take a look at our existing aims. Are they ok? Do they need a rethink? Write your own if you wish.

Our Existing Aims:

CELEBRATE! - To showcase work created by artists with mental health issues, and organisations creating art with a mental health connection

CHALLENGE! - To raise public awareness of mental health

CONNECT! - To help people connect with the cultural life of Leeds and other creative people

CATALYST! - To work in partnership with artists and organisations to achieve these aims

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* 3. HOW

This is the nuts-and-bolts question. Think practically. How will your dream festival come true? Who will be involved? How often would events happen? Who would run things? Where would it happen?

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It's OK if you wish to remain anonymous!

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It's OK if you wish to remain anonymous!

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Is there anything you would like to contribute to the development of Love Arts Festival? This could be your time (eg as part of a steering group or as a volunteer), or rooms (for events), ideas for money, or other things we've not thought of! If you have, please leave your contacts details above and tell us what you can offer below.

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