* 1. Do you feel the church has helped you to grow in your prayer life in the last 2 years?

* 2. Which of the following do you find helpful in your prayer life:

* 3. Do you generally pray at least four days in a week?

* 4. Do you read the bible outside of Sundays?

* 5. Would you like to explore resources to help you engage with holy scripture?

* 6. Is our regular worship effective at drawing you, and others, into the presence of God?

* 7. Would you welcome a different form of worship as part of our regular pattern of worship?

* 8. As part of your growing participation in the worshipping life of the church, have you increased your giving to the church within the last year?

* 9. Do we help people talk about, and live out, their faith day by day beyond the walls of the church?

* 10. How likely is it that you would recommend coming to Holy Trinity to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely