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* 1. What destinations do you typically travel to, either in the UK or abroad?

* 2. Do you, your carer/assistant or family member pick your hotel/apartment based on what mobility equipment/facilities are available?

* 3. Would your travel experience be made easier if specific mobility equipment was available upon arrival, either at the airport/station or hotel?

* 4. Based on a 1 week holiday overseas, how much extra would you be willing to spend on the trip if you were to be provided with a hoist for your room and a wheelchair during your stay? 

* 5. If the service was ready to use now, how likely are you to use www.rentmobilityproducts.com to hire some of your special needs equipment before you travel?

* 6. If you are unlikely to use this service, why not?

* 7. What changes to the website would increase the chances of you using the www.rentmobilityproducts.com to hire your equipment prior to your travel?

* 8. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?