Section 1

Dear participant,
You are being invited to take part in a MPharm final year project. The primary aim of this study is to understand the perceptions and knowledge of oncology/haematology pharmacy practitioner’s on assisted dying. This research is based on the perceptions of oncology/haematology pharmacy practitioners. You have been chosen to take part in this research because you are a pharmacy practitioner working within the oncology/haematology speciality. If you consent to take part, then you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of three sections, with a total duration of approximately 10 minutes. The first section consists of thirteen statements/questions that you will be asked to rate your agreement to. Section 2 compromises of four case studies and section 3 will be gathering demographics. If you decide not to take part, there will be no disadvantage to you, and we thank you for your time in considering our project. All information collected during the course of the study will be kept strictly confidential and in secure storage. Responses will be anonymised before analysis so that it will not be possible to identify you or any other participant. Only I/we and the project supervisor will have access to this dataset. The Kingston University Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing Research Ethics Committee have reviewed and approved this study.

Contact for further information.
Further information may be obtained from:
Remeesha Razak
Dr Shereen Nabhnai-Gebara
PharmD, BCOP
Penrhyn Road, KT1 2EE
020 84167413

Question Title

* 1. Section 1a
For the following statements, please rate how knowledgeable you are on each topic provided.

  Very knowledgeable  Knowledgeable Unsure Limited knowledge  No knowledge
The definition of assisted dying.
The legality of assisted dying in the country you are currently working in.
The medications used for assisted dying.
The mechanism of action of the medicines used for assisted dying.

Question Title

* 2. Section 1b
For each of the following statements/questions please rate your agreement.

  Strongly agree Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly disagree
A terminally ill patient has the right to choose to end their own life through assisted dying, given they are competent.
Assisted dying should be legal. 
There is a high risk that assisted dying is a slippery slope and has the potential to be abused.
Do you think your religious belief, if any, influences your opinion on assisted dying?
If you lack any knowledge on the topic, do you think this is attributable to not being taught assisted dying in your undergraduate curricula or throughout your career?
Do you think assisted dying should be included in undergraduate curricula?
Do you think assisted dying should be included in continuing professional developments?

Question Title

* 3. I would knowingly agree to dispense medication for the purpose of assisted dying.

Question Title

* 4. It is the pharmacist’s right to know if a medication they are dispensing is being used for the purpose of assisted dying.