* 1. My music teacher is:

* 2. I am in year:

* 3. I enjoy my music lessons

* 4. My teacher(s) has/have high expectations of me (presentation of work; completion of work; completion of homework)

* 5. I can complete the work expected of me in lessons.

* 6. I feel that I am making progress in music

* 7. We use collaborative learning in class (such as Active Listen, Buzz and go, Work through me etc.)

* 8. My teacher sets different tasks for different students using bronze, silver and gold tasks

* 9. I receive regular feedback from my teacher (through marking or verbal feedback)

* 10. I regularly complete green pen work from when my teacher marks my work

* 11. I receive weekly homework

* 12. My teacher checks that I have completed my homework

* 13. Disruption to my learning is rare

* 14. Disruption is dealt with quickly and appropriately by my teacher

* 15. Please make any comments about music that you would like to share:

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