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I am considering opening an accessible self catering holiday accommodation in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne with wheelchair access, wheel-in wet room and overhead hoisting.
The property is a brick built 1920's semi detached corner house with 3 garden areas and off-road parking. One ground floor wheelchair accessible bedroom with full room xy overhead hoist, with ceiling hoist transfer directly to lounge, additional ceiling hoists in sun room and wet room. (There is further accommodation upstairs). Wheelchair access is possible throughout the ground floor and gardens.

For further description / enquiries please phone or text 07843179914 between 2 pm - 10 pm only.
Please answer the questions as honestly as possible

* 1. Do you intend to take a UK based self catering holiday in the next 12 months?
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* 2. Do you need any of the following
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* 3. Would you consider the UK North East as a holiday destination?

* 4. Newcastle Upon Tyne has a rich heritage, a plethora of accessible places, museums, art galleries and activities, world-class culture, vibrant nightlife, award-winning dining, fantastic shopping and acclaimed architecture.

A countryside walk is accessible just a 3 minute walk away from the property itself, and there are lots more beautiful, accessible walks nearby. The property is situated less than 10 miles to wheelchair accessible promenades and stunning beaches, less than 1 mile to local swimming pool with hoist access, 15 minutes drive to the border of Northumberland, 30 minutes drive to the fabulous Beamish Open Air Museum, 1 hour drive to the Scottish Border.

How likely are you to consider this property as a holiday destination?

* 5. Length of stay. Are you more likely to book for

* 6. Newcastle Upon Tyne has an international airport, national rail station, national bus / coach station, ferry terminal and major road links.
How are you most likely to travel to Newcastle?
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* 7. To stay at this accommodation would you book if the cost per week was
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* 8. The property has overhead hoisting. How do you feel about this?

* 9. Who do you holiday with? (please tick all that apply)

* 10. How many bedrooms does your party need in total? 

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