One in seven workers in the UK economy is now self-employed. This figure rises to almost half in the creative industries. 

These self-employed creatives - freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, sole-traders - make a crucial contribution to the creative economy but are misunderstood and overlooked in policy-making. 

This survey is intended to gather information about these individuals to better inform policy-makers of their needs and the way they contribute to the economy.

Please complete this survey if you work on a self-employed basis in the creative industries, whether this is as a freelancer, sole-trader, maker, artist - to contribute to the Creative Industries Federation's report. 

We appreciate responses from all Federation members, as well as self-employed workers who are affiliated with Federation members. 

Your responses are entirely confidential. We will identify you in our material only if you agree to this at the end of the survey.

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. Are you a member of the Creative Industries Federation?

* 4. If you are not a member of the Creative Industries Federation, please state the name of the Federation member who sent you this survey.

* 5. How do you describe yourself -  e.g. consultant, freelance photographer, writer, director, producer, designer?

* 6. Which creative sector(s) do you work in? Please indicate your primary sector(s).

  Primary sector(s) Secondary sector(s) Other sector(s)
Advertising, marketing & PR
TV, video, radio, 
Creative education
Creative tech
Museums, galleries and libraries
Performing arts
Video games
Visual arts

* 8. How old are you?

* 9. With which gender do you identify?

* 10. To which ethnic group do you belong?

* 11. Are you an EU national?

* 12. Are you self-employed/freelance in the creative industries part-time or full-time?

* 13. What were your main reasons for becoming self-employed/freelance?

* 14. What is your highest level of qualification?

* 15. What higher and/or further educational institution(s) did you attend? Please specify the qualification you achieved.

* 16. What is your average annual income, from all sources?

* 17. What proportion of your income comes from self-employed work in the creative industries?

* 18. How many contracts do you have per year?

* 19. How many years have you been self-employed/freelance?

* 20. Have you done unpaid work in the past year, and is this normal?

  This is normal This is not normal

* 21. Do you supplement your income from creative freelancing/self-employment with employment in any sector? If so, please give details.

* 22. Do you do any work outside the creative industries? If so, please give details.

* 23. How have your educational institutions supported you in your career? What other support could they provide?

* 24. Have you undertaken training in the past year? How did you fund it? What would improve your access to training?

* 25. What are your thoughts on how you have found work? How might the process of finding work be improved?

* 26. Where do you carry out most of your work? Is access to workspace an issue for you? How might this be improved?

* 27. What support is provided for you in your specific geographical location? How could this be improved?

* 28. Is protecting intellectual property an issue for you? How could this be improved?

* 29. If there are any other issues you would like to raise, or if there are any policy questions we might have missed, please provide detail here.

* 30. Are you happy for us to contact you further regarding your responses?

* 31. We are particularly looking for individuals to use as case studies in our material, Are you happy for us to contact you regarding using you as a case study?

* 32. If you are happy to be contacted, please leave any further details you think are relevant.

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