Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey. Did you know that Cyber attacks facing the NHS are growing in number? Primary research conducted by VMware and Intel reveals what can be done to safeguard the NHS. 

We are offering a free VMware and Intel Healthcare Security Readiness Assessment. You can indicate below if you’re interested in this, and if so we will also provide you with our latest VMware and Intel Cyber Security report

* 1. When was the last time you reviewed your cyber security strategy?

* 2. Where is ‘Cyber Security’ within your organisation’s Risk Register?

* 3. What do you see as the biggest data security threat to the NHS?

* 4. Is your security IT spend; ahead, rising, in line with or behind the overall IT spend within your organisation?

* 5. We have a limited number of Free VMware and Intel Healthcare Security Readiness Assessments to offer. Please confirm below if you are interested in this service