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Poor posture and badly organised work stations are the main contributor to many ailments, which have a long term impact on your well being.
Take a moment to complete this short survey and we will offer you some simple suggestions to help you maintain good health in the work place.

* 1. Tell us a bit about your work station

* 2. On an average day, how long do you work at your desk for without a break?

* 3. Tell us a bit about your chair - tick all that apply

* 4. Tell us how you work

* 5. What about if you take calls?

* 6. Is your printer at a separate location to your desk?

* 7. Do you suffer from any of the following ailments? You can choose more than one option.

* 8. Would you send a picture of your workstation and chair so that we can assess how much space you have?

* 9. Please complete the box below with your email address

* 10. Tell us about your place of work - more than one box can be ticked

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