Mountain Ash Comprehensive School - Parent and Carers Questionnaire Year 9 & 11

For each of the statements below, please tick the box which best reflects your views in relation to your child's school.

* 1. Which year group is your son / daughter in?

* 2. Overall I am satisfied with the school.

* 3. My child likes this school.

* 4. My child was helped to settle in well when he or she started at the school.

* 5. Pupils behave well in school.

* 6. My child is making good progress at school.

* 7. The teaching is good.

* 8. Staff expect my child to work hard and do his or her best.

* 9. The homework that is given builds well on what my child learns in school.

* 10. Staff treat all children fairly and with respect.

* 11. My child is encouraged to be healthy and to take regular exercise.

* 12. The child is safe at school.

* 13. My child receives appropriate additional support in relation to any individual needs.

* 14. I am kept well informed about my child's progress.

* 15. I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, suggestions or a problem.

* 16. I understand the schools procedure for dealing with complaints.

* 17. The school helps my child to become more mature and take on responsibility.

* 18. My child is well prepared for moving on to the next school or college or into employment.

* 19. There is a good range of activities including trips or visits.

* 20. The school is well run.

* 21. Please provide any additional views or comments in the space provided below: