How was your walk?

Thank you for attending one of our guided walks.

We would like to find out if you enjoyed the walk, whether it could have been improved and if you have any suggestions for future routes. This helps us to continually improve our walks and develop a varied programme that everyone can enjoy.

Our walks are led by a variety of people interested in sharing their expertise, knowledge and methods of interpreting the natural environment. All walks are supported by stewards from Durham Voluntary Countryside Ranger Service and we appreciate everyone's help, without which the programme would not exist.

Questions with a red star must be answered - this makes sure your feedback goes to the correct walk leader! If you need to check any details about the walk you can refer to the online guided walks programme.

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* 3. What was the title of the walk you took part in?

* 4. Did you enjoy this walk?

* 5. Do you have any comments about this particular walk?

* 6. Do you have any suggestions for future walks, such as new routes or topics?

* 7. How did you find out about the walk you went on?