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Thank you for your interest in The Belfast Opera Community Creatives Programme!
We just need to get you officially registered by asking you a few questions about yourself and your main area of interest:

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* 1. Which area(s) of The Belfast Opera production are you interested in working in?  Please select all that apply:

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* 2. Address

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* 3.

Are you aged 16 -24 years and not currently in education, employment or training?

Please note - if the answer to this question is no, we can still accept you for the Community Creatives programme. Anyone  who does fit this criteria will be eligible for a specific Prince's Trust qualification.

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* 4. Ideally you will be in attendance at all of our workshops held in Carlisle Memorial Church, Carlisle Circus, Belfast, in addition to the production schedule.  Please also note that we will need you to commit to attending workshops during the production weeks of June 6th and June 13th.

Please select all workshops that you will be able to attend:

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* 5. Is there any additional information you would like to share with us?

Thank you for registering for The Belfast Opera Community Creatives Programme - we are looking forward to seeing you at our workshops!