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The survey is part of an evaluation project that is gathering information for an Erasmus + project to look at best practice in Museums and Art Galleries with regards to existing tactile tours and handling provisions for visually impaired visitors.
AMABAVIS http://www.ambavis.eu/
Museums constitute an essential part of the European cultural landscape. However, they primarily address the visual senses and blind and visually impaired people are therefore excluded from a wide range of services. However, times are changing innovative 3D technologies and multi-sensory approaches are offering new solutions for blind and visually impaired people, by enabling them to get in touch with exhibits and allowing them to participate in museums’ educational programmes. The project AMBAVis aims to be a driving force for the development and the dissemination of tactile and 3D practices in museums, in order to improve cultural access for blind and visually impaired People.

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