Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Testing for SEND Families in Manchester

We are trying to find out about experiences and concerns of families of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) in Manchester with regards to Covid-19 (coronavirus) testing.

Have you been to any of our local testing centres? Do you have any concerns about going to one? Do you have any suggestions or tips for other parents?

Please let us know so we can feed back your stories and concerns to the local authority and other relevant partners. Thank you.

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* 1. Have you been to a Covid-19 (coronavirus) testing centre in Manchester?

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* 2. If yes, have you or your child with SEND been given ample support during the testing process?

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* 3. Please share here any concerns you have about sending your child/ young person with SEND to a Covid-19 (coronavirus) testing centre.

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* 4. Please share here any other comments you have about Covid-19 (coronavirus) testing in Manchester. This can be positive or negative.

Please also feel free to include any tips or suggestions you have about how to get the best out of a visit so we can share these to other SEND families.

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