Hamilton Health and Social Care Forum – What do you know???

Hamilton Health and Social Care Forum was formed in 2016 and has the aim of allowing patients, service users, carers, and the general public to have a voice in the planning and development of local health and social care services including those delivered jointly with other community organisations.  Prior to 2016 the forum was known as Hamilton Public Partnership Forum (PPF)

The forums roles include (but are not exclusive to):
  1. Ensuring that local people are informed about the range and location of health and social care services which are available and engaging local service users, carers and the public in discussion about how to improve these services;
  2. Supporting wider public involvement in planning and decision making and being a strong, independent, balanced voice for service users, carers, communities and the third sector within the Hamilton Locality area

* 1. Have you ever heard of Hamilton Health and Social Care Forum?

* 2. Where do you live?

* 3. Do you think the identified roles of the forum previously mentioned are:

  Easily Understood Achievable Strong Community Focussed

* 4. Do you have any other comments about the roles or forum in general?

* 5. What would you say your 3 main priority areas are regarding Health and Social Care within your community?

* 6. Would you be interested in finding out more about the forum

* 7. How would you most like to be informed/contacted?

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