Survey of member interest in holding a quality round this year - Estimated time burden 2 minutes


This Quality Round would allow the iPSC community to be more confident in the robustness of the mandatory, but non-standardized, quality testing of clinical-grade iPSC lines. 


The Quality round involves the Quality Round Organizers shipping a set of blinded samples for participants to quality test. 
Participants then test the lines for biomarker expression with FACS analysis and genetic stability as they would do routinely. Participants then upload their quality testing data where it would be collated with that of other participants' data and anonymised. Participants will only know the origin of data they have uploaded.

Through doing this quality round, participants can assess their own testing, and see how their data compares with other Participants.
Should a Participant's data be an outlier relative to that supplied by others, they will be able to retest and resubmit data anonymously.

Participation cost are estimated to range from USD$3,750 +/- $550 depending on geographic location of the participant.


Quality Round Data Portal goes live Friday 8th March 2019.

Enrolement as Participant and Payment March 2019

Kits to be shipped from Monday 1st April 2019 – Friday 5th April 2019

First round data (raw and templated) should be uploaded between Friday 12th April 2019 to Friday 17th May 2019 via Quality Round Data Portal. 



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* 1. Are you are interested in participating in the GAIT quality round 2019?

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* 2. What is the name of your Institution/Company etc.?

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* 3. Please give us an email address to supply you with additional information on the Quality Round.

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* 4. If you are not interested in participating in the GAiT quality round - can you please specify for what reason?

Thank you for filling in this survey. We will collate your responses with those from other interested parties and report back to you shortly. Thank you for participating.