TelecomTV OpenStack Survey 2018: OpenStack for Telco - Where to now?

Nobody can doubt the rising profile of OpenStack in the telecoms community. Its all-conquering goal - to produce a ubiquitous Open Source cloud platform that is interoperable, easy to implement and use, works well at all scales, and meets the needs of all its users in all contexts - seems to have gained it many adherents over a relatively short space of time. But, as always, it has its detractors. We’d like to find out what the community REALLY thinks about OpenStack and why. What is the good, the bad and the ugly of this open source cloud platform?

* 1. Do you work for...

* 2. Are you using OpenStack in production today or in the near future?

* 3. If now or in the near future, please tell us briefly how you are already using (or soon intending to use) OpenStack

* 4. Please tell us briefly which VNFs you are using or intend to use

* 5. Are the VNFs you are using part of a multi-vendor deployment?

* 6. Do you contribute code to OpenStack?

* 7. What frustrates you most about OpenStack?

* 8. How important do you think Open Source is or will become to the telecoms sector? Which statement is closest to your opinion?

* 9. Which statement is closest to your opinion - “The increasing focus on open source in telecoms has been:

* 10. How well do you think the Open Source community understands the needs of telecoms? (Please indicate from 1 to 5 where 1 indicates least understanding and 5 most)

* 11. What do you think are the main motivators for telcos to embrace Open Source?

* 12. Are there too many Open Source projects?

* 13. How well do you feel you understand the term “Cloud Native”? (Please indicate from 1 to 5 where 1 indicates least understanding and 5 most)

* 14. How important do you think “Cloud Native” is or will become within NFV? Which statement is closest to your opinion?

* 15. Is network transformation (the move to virtualization, NFV, SDN, etc.) within telcos proceeding fast enough for telcos to offer the necessary new, agile, automated services needed for them to compete?

* 16. If NO to the question above - what do you attribute the slow pace? (Tick one or more of the following if you agree)

* 17. Which Open Source Projects will be most relevant for 5G?

* 18. Which form factor do you think will be the most important for 5G workloads?

* 19. Please explain briefly what you like about OpenStack?

* 20. Whilst all data is anonymised we require this information to verify the authenticity of the information provided above. It will not be used for marketing purposes without your consent (see below Q21).

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