Women's Fiction Survey

Hello there!

Women's fiction can be defined as "novels that explore the lives of female protagonists, focusing on all kinds of relationships, be it lovers, spouses, parents, children, friends, or members of a community. The common thread is that the central character is female, and the main thrust of the story is something happening in the life of that woman (as opposed to the overall theme being a romance or a mystery of some sort). Emotions and relationships are the common thread between books that belong in this category. A woman is the star of the story, and her emotional development drives the plot." With thanks to the author Rebecca Vnuk for her excellent definition!
I'm carrying out this survey because, as a women's fiction author, I really want to get to the heart of what makes you fall in love with a women's fiction novel, as well as learning about your reading habits and whose books you're reading and why.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I really appreciate it. Everyone who responds will have the opportunity to enter the prize draw to win a $20/£20 Amazon voucher. The lucky winner will be chosen at random when the survey closes.

* 1. Where do you like to read?

* 2. If you could choose a fantasy place to read, where would it be?

* 3. Read the following statements and choose which are most important to you. You can choose as many as you like.

* 4. If you could read only one women's fiction author for the rest of your life, whose books would you choose and why?

* 5. Which formats do you read novels in?

* 6. Where do you get your books from?

* 7. Please select your age from the age ranges below.

* 8. What country do you live in?

* 9. If you have a job/profession please say what it is.

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