At its simplest, ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives.  Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society.

The Teachers’ Standards require all teachers to practise ethically, yet ethics are rarely taught and discussed openly and honestly within the profession.  This happens despite Head teachers, senior teams and teachers reporting that they often feel ethically compromised.

What links are there between ethically sound schools and long-term success? Are there also links with morale, well-being, and resilience, attitude to learning, vision and engagement? How do leaders become resilient to pressure from the DFE and Ofsted? How do staff become resilient to pressure from senior leaders? What do we mean by ethical schools? What type of leaders do they have? What things do they have in common?

Why bother with this? Our intention is to establish if there is a correlation between ethical leadership and successful outcomes – students, staff and all stakeholders.

We would be really interested to know your thoughts on this matter.

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Many thanks.

* 1. Do you think there are links between ethically sound schools and long term success?

* 2. How strong are the links between moral well-being, resilience, attitude to learning, vision and engagement and ethical decision making?

* 3. What keywords or phrases would you use to describe an ethical school?

* 4. Can a leader be ethical in today's political climate?

* 5. How important is consideration of ethical factors to leadership?

* 6. The training of leaders or senior leaders should include ethical content.

* 7. Do you agree that ITEs/NQTs/RQTs should be involved in discussing ethical questions to do with education?

* 8. How interested would you be in supporting research that looks at 'Ethics in Education'? If you would like to be further involved in this research please provide your contact details.

* 9. Which sector of education are you currently working in?

* 10. What is your role in your setting?