Thank you for taking the time to respond to this questionnaire about businesses in the area that will be covered by this neighbourhood plan [MACKPlan]. To find out more about MACKPlan generally, please go to

MACKPlan will provide a local level of detail in support of policies contained in the Joint Local Plan currently being produced by West Devon, South Hams and Plymouth Councils and in the National Planning Policy Framework. The policies and development proposals in MACKPlan will have statutory force and will have to be taken into account when applications for planing permission are made to West Devon Borough Council.
Local employment opportunities are a key part of any efforts to create sustainable communities in the MACKPlan area. So, a better understanding how planning policies can best support local enterprise, what constraints you face because of our rural location and what your views are on local renewable energy generation, for example, will greatly assist in the production of a neighbourhood plan that reflects all aspects of life in our area. 

If you feel that any of these questions are commercially sensitive, please feel free to ignore them.

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