* 1. What gender are you?

* 2. Which form are you in?

* 3. How much have you enjoyed RS this year?

* 4. Rate the topics covered in the last year.

  Really enjoyed it all Enjoyed most of it enjoyed some of it Didn't enjoy it
Ultimate Questions e.g. where did the world come from?
God in Religious Stories e.g. Hercules, the Celts
Festivals of Light e.g. Divali, Hannukah

* 5. Please explain why you enjoyed your favourite topic

* 6. Please explain what you didn't enjoy about your least favourite topic

* 7. How do you think you learn best?

* 8. Which types of learning activities do you prefer?

  Really like Like Quite like Don't like at all
Film/Youtube clips
Using ICT/IPads
Role play

* 9. Do you have any suggestions for teaching activities we could include?

* 10. What skills have you developed in other lessons which may be useful in RS?

* 11. Are you aware of your target level?

* 12. Did the amount of feedback you received on your assessment tasks help you know what to do to make progress?

* 13. Do you find the assessments easy to understand? Are you able to follow the writing frame?

* 14. Gives reasons for your answer.

* 15. Finally, do you think RS will be useful when you are older? Explain why?