FVC Member - New Season Questionnaire 2017-18

A Questionnaire for members to declare their details and preferences for the coming season.

* 1. Please enter your personal details:

* 2. What are your main reasons for joining Farnborough Volleyball Club this year?

* 3. How many training sessions do you plan to attend per week?

* 4. What do you hope to gain from training sessions?

* 5. How would you rate previous training sessions that you have attended?

* 6. If you answered Q5 as 'Good' or less in the question above, please give details on how training sessions could be improved in the future. (Be Specific!)

* 7. Do you plan to play for any teams and, if so, which ones?

* 8. Are there any reasons for which you would leave the club or stop attending training or matches over the coming season? (September - May)

* 9. Are you a member of any other volleyball clubs?