Hello, and thank you for visiting Inspire Music's Singing Strategy* Audit tool. We'd like to find out how your Hub singing strategy works (if you have one) in terms of singing in schools. We'd also like to collect effective practice in this area, as well as pointing you towards effective practice which may help you develop your strategy and achieve your goals.

Please be assured that we are not passing judgement on anything you share, so be as honest as possible with your responses. We will publish overall data but it will be anonymised, and we promise not to share any of the information that your provide beyond Inspire Music, or to attribute any comments without your prior permission.

We anticipate that the audit will take you between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, and the majority of questions are tickbox rather than freetext. The main part of the questionnaire will explore which types of activity you are offering for each key stage, what the general level of take up is, and how much impact you believe it’s having. So it’s worth your having this information to hand.

The questionnaire sections are as follows:
About you
The breadth of your singing strategy
   o   Age groups
   o   Settings
   o   CPD
The depth of your singing strategy
   o   EYFS
   o   KS1
   o   KS2
   o   KS3
   o   KS4
   o   KS5
Ensuring the best outcomes
Sharing effective practice


*We refer to 'singing strategy' rather than 'vocal strategy' for this audit tool because we feel it's more user friendly for schools.