Welcome to our survey, which is open until the end of November 2017.  If you live in the South West of England and you write, we want to learn more about what you write and the place writing has in your life.  We want to understand which creative and professional development opportunities writers need most.  In particular, we're reviewing the aims and the membership criteria for our South West Writers Directory, with a view to introducing new options in 2018.

* 1. Please tell us what type of writer you are (choose up to three)

* 2. If you are  writer of fiction, what kind do you write?

* 3. Please tell us which age category you are in

* 4. How would you describe yourself as a writer? (choose only one)

* 5. Please rank the following statements according to how closely they reflect your current priorities as a writer (5 being top priority)

* 6. Please tell us a bit more about you as a writer (choose as are relevant to you)

* 7. Please choose the most relevant option to you from these choices

* 8. Are you

* 9. Please say whether you would self-identify as any of the following:

* 10. Do you live in the South West?

* 11. If you live in the South West, which county/ unitary authority do you live in?

* 12. Which of the following creative opportunities for writers would interest you?

  Very interested Quite interested Don't know Not interested N/A
Regular writing workshops
Masterclasses led by inspiring and influential writers
1-2-1 surgeries
Professional development sessions (eg. how to get published)
Editor/ agent feedback sessions
Intensive day/weekend masterclasses or workshops

* 13. Which of the following would you find it helpful to learn more about?

  Very helpful Helpful Not sure Not helpful N/A
Writers' CVs
Gaining funding for your writing
Marketing and social media
Your online presence (website, channels)
Contracts and copyright
Negotiating fees/ rates
Getting publishing ready
Insight into the publishing industry
Working with arts / literature organisations and festivals
Working in schools and community settings
Working internationally

* 14. What level of fee would you pay for a day-long writing workshop?

* 15. What level of fee would you pay for the right, longer-term writer development course?

* 16. How far are you able or willing to travel for the writing and career development opportunities that you really want (please choose one)

* 17. To be kept informed of news, events and opportunities from Literature Works, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter here and/or you can email us with any queries or suggestions here info@literatureworks.org.uk.

We will use what we learn from this writers' survey to develop our support for writers and we will summarise the findings in our newsletter.

Thanks for completing the survey.