Questions for Pupils

Your school will be reviewed soon.  We would like you to give us your views. 
Your views are important to us because they will form part of the evidence we gather in the review.
We will give the school a summary of the results of the questionnaires we use.

The questions are likely to take you around ten minutes to complete.

Please answer each question frankly - your views can help improve the school.

Please read each statement and tick the answer that best fits your experience of the school.  Answers should refer to the school as a whole and not your stage or department.  If you feel you can't answer any of the questions, please leave them blank.

You will need to put your name to validate the questionnaire. What you tell us is private. We will not tell anyone what you have written unless it makes us worried about your safety.  In that case, we will talk to you and then pass on what you have said to someone who can help.

* 1. I feel safe in my school?

* 2. I have someone in my school I can speak to if I am upset or worried about something?

* 3. Staff treat me fairly and with respect?

* 4. Other pupils treat me fairly and with respect?

* 5. My school helps me to understand and respect other people?

* 6. My school listens to our views and takes them into account?

* 7. I feel comfortable approaching staff with questions or suggestions?

* 8. My school is helping me to become confident?

* 9. My school teaches me how to be healthy?

* 10. There are lots of chances at my school for me to get regular exercise?

* 11. Staff help me to understand how I am progressing?

* 12. My homework helps me to understand and improve my work in school?

* 13. I have the opportunity to take part in school clubs?

* 14. Other children behave well?

* 15. I enjoy learning at school?

* 16. I feel that my work in school is hard enough?

* 17. I know who to ask to get help if I find my work too hard?

* 18. I am encouraged by staff to do the best I can?

* 19. My teachers ask me about what things I want to learn in school?

* 20. I am happy with the quality of teaching in my school?

* 21. My school deals well with any bullying?

* 22. I was well supported if I moved to a new school within the last year?

* 23. Other Comments: Please use the space provided below to say anything more about the school or about the answers you have given.

* 24. Address