This is a very simple survey, about which features we should be prioritising in our Fieldscapes development. We will update the list and re-issue every 2-4 weeks initially. We do not promise to prioritise exactly as responses suggest, but user interest/importance will be a significant factor in what we choose to prioritise in the Fieldscapes build. Thankyou in advance for your input.

* 1. How experienced are you with Fieldscapes?

* 2. Please assign a development priority to each of these proposed features for Fieldscapes:

  Very Low Low Medium High Very High
Add more avatar choice
Set specific avatar (from list available) for an exercise
Change the prop object but keep same actions
Allow multiple-choice logic (eg student must choose 2 correct answers)
Have a timer which repeats (ie triggers every N seconds)
Have NPCs that can walk around
Display text above a prop (Second Life "floaty" text)
Spatial audio (so sound comes from a prop, not global)
Student Function - flag to teacher that you have question/need attention
Private chat (eg teacher to student)
Integrate with chatbot services so can talk to NPCs
Import data onto the landscape  - eg water sample measures
Teacher Function - eject and ban a disruptive student
Teacher Function - share your viewpoint with students
Teacher function - allow student to share their viewpoint with you
Inventory system - so students are given object to place/use in world
Audio/visual alert when a displayed variable changes
Be able to change walk/run/fly/turn speeds in settings
Add comments/reviews on lessons/locations
Add star rating on lessons/locations
Show locations index on Google Maps

* 3. Are there any high/very high priority items missing from the list?

* 4. Are there any lower priority items you would like to add to the longer term wish list?

* 5. How do you feel about Fieldscapes just now (1=Not good/5=Great)?

* 6. Have you got any other comments about any aspects of Fieldasapes at this time?

Many thanks for taking the time to complete the form and for helping us prioritise our future work. We hope that with your help we can develop Fieldscapes into a great service and teaching tool.