This questionnaire focuses on the different aspects of neglect and how professionals assess the risks associated with them. The results will be used in a disseration exploring the differences and difficulties in defining and identifying neglect across children's services. The questionnaire is annonymous, however please state your job role and generalised setting below (eg. Job role: Teacher, Setting: Secondary school).

* 1. Please enter job role and setting.

* 2. How would you define neglect?

* 3. Put the following scenarios in order of concern, with 1 being the least concern and 8 being the most concern. Please read through scenarios then give one number to each, do not duplicate.

* 4. Please explain your reasons for the scenario of the most concern

* 5. Please explain your reasons for the scenario of the least concern

* 6. Did you have any difficulties during the ordering of these scenarios? If so, Why do you think this was?

* 7. Do you feel that there are any aspects of neglect that have not been covered by the example scenarios? If so, please explain.