The City Disabilities Survey - Attitudes to disability in the workplace

This survey is being run for the next few months to determine current attitudes to disability in the workplace. The survey takes about 2 minutes to complete and is a series of questions with multiple choice answers. It is entirely anonymous and does not capture any information that could identify either those responding or their employers.

We appreciate your time in completing it and will make the results public in due course.

* 1. Would you class your disability as relating to:

* 2. I have found it difficult to secure employment because of my disability:

* 3. I have applied for a large number of jobs before I secured my current/last employment:

* 4. I would never disclose my disability to my employer unless it was unavoidable:

* 5. I have discussed my disability with my employer:

* 6. If yes, was it before or after you received a formal offer of employment:

* 7. I have requested reasonable adjustments in the workplace:

* 8. I feel my employer understands the issues that my disability presents at work:

* 9. My employer has made appropriate reasonable adjustments in line with my requests:

* 10. I have been promoted fairly and when I expected to be during my employment:

* 11. I have not been promoted when I expected to be and believe this is due to prejudice relating to my disability:

* 12. I have faced prejudice or inappropriate attitudes from my employer and/or colleagues as a result of my disability:

* 13. My employer resolves issues relating to prejudice and disability well:

* 14. Any issues of prejudice I have dealt with at my employer were resolved to my satisfaction:

* 15. My employer and colleagues understand my disability and when it causes practical issues at work, deal with it appropriately:

* 16. I enjoy my job and have had a positive experience with my employer:

* 17. My employer is "disability friendly":