Youth Policy

The EU has identified 8 areas of policy for young people.
These questions ask you to indicate how important these different areas of EU Youth policy are to you. 

* 1. How important are these indicators of Voluntary Activities to you? You have a total of 100 votes to give them.

* 2. Which other indicators of Voluntary activities should be surveyed?

* 3. How important are these indicators of Youth & the World to you? You have a total of 100 votes to give them.

* 4. Which other indicators of Youth & the World should be surveyed?

* 5. The European Union considers it crucial to develop opportunities of volunteering abroad, raising more awareness about its benefits and recognising learning outcomes from it, through schemes as Europass and Youthpass. To meet this aim, the European Voluntary Service (EVS), part of the Erasmus+ programme, provides young people aged 18 to 30 years with an opportunity to express their personal commitment through full-time voluntary activities in a  foreign country, within or outside the EU.  Source:

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* 6. According to the European Union young people should engage with regions and cultures outside Europe, becoming more involved in global policy processes regarding issues as climate change, the UN Millennium Development Goals or human rights. Therefore, it is crucial to raise awareness of global issues among the youth, fostering mutual understanding and encouraging the exchange of views with policy makers as volunteering. The EU has built a Eastern Partnership Youth Forum and in 2012 launched a EU-China High Level People-to-People Dialogue, which provides a cooperation between China and the EU in several policy fields, including youth, education and culture.   Source:

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