Gathering the opinion of facilities professionals in regard to hospital ward design

Thank you for following the hyperlink to this survey.

3 minutes of your time will contribute to some ongoing research at the University of Cambridge regarding hospital ward design.

* 1. I am a:

* 2. Choose a hospital ward that you know well. Which hospital is it in?

* 3. What is the name of the ward that you have chosen?
(We need to be able to identify the ward on a hospital map)

* 4. Roughly in what year was the ward built?

* 5. What is the ward layout:

* 6. In winter staff on the ward are often:

* 7. In winter patients on the ward are often:

* 8. In summer patients on the ward are often:

* 9. The ward is well insulated

* 10. Climate in the ward:

* 11. Who controls the climate:

* 12. In your opinion are airborne sources of infection important?