Warwickshire County Council is considering putting a solar farm onto its land at Dunsmore Home Farm on Lilbourne Road. It should be emphasised that at this stage there are no firm proposals and that the planning department at Rugby Borough Council has not yet been consulted on the matter.

The solar farm would be located on land that is south facing and slopes away from the ridge on Lilbourne Road, so that it would not be visible from the village, although it could become quite a landmark for traffic on the A5. It is understood that around 22 acres of the total 155 acres of the smallholding would be involved, and that sheep would continue to graze between the solar panels. Two emails have been received regarding this, please click on the link here for details. 
Your local representatives at parish, borough and county level are trying to gauge the views of Clifton residents on this idea. To assist with this, could you please complete the short survey below.

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