Request to join the Transpire members group

This application form is your first step to joining a growing and welcoming community group based in Southend.  You should first complete this form and then request to join the group here:

If you join our group and your request is accepted there is an expectation that you'll post a brief introduction about yourself on the page. We don't expect a lengthy life story, but just something as it might empower other members, and peer support is crucial to how this group works.

All members must abide by our rules and policies around behaviour and providing a positive and conducive attitude to the group.  

* 1. Do you identify as being transgender?

* 2. Please briefly explain why you wish to join Transpire?

* 3. Please provide your email address (we do not publish or sell peoples details)

* 4. Do you agree to abide by the groups rules and policies?

* 5. Your full name - this should match the name we see when you request to join the Facebook group

* 6. Please confirm that you are not joining to promote or sell products and/or services.