For Islay

This is a consultation with you the community of Islay, your responses on this consultation will shape the future development of the island making sure our community is at the centre of every decision.

The results of this consultation will be shared with your local Councillors, your MP, Your MSP and any other governing bodies.

* 1. "Islay is perfect, exactly as it is" if yes, why? if no, why, what would you like to see improved?

* 2. Islay Development Initiative (previously Re-Jig) is working on a series of initiatives designed to help Islay be more sustainable, protect our home and its future. which of these initiatives have you heard of - please tick all that apply.

* 3. The point of this survey is to gather information on what you the community see as a priority for Islay. Please have a look at the following initiatives which have been flagged as areas needing developed by our community so far (all initiatives will be community owned and ran).

  Essential Important Not as important Needed but not a priority Not needed
Affordable to buy housing
Freight ferry
Purpose built youth center including child care facilities - employability, youth initiatives Etc.
Localised renewable energy schemes
High quality full-time jobs & employment
Training & development - courses developed with local college
Locally grown fresh produce
Community owned sustainable distillery
Visitor gifting - Income to be raised to benefit the community of Islay
Bakery / Farm shop
More camping & camper van facilities
Electric charging points network

* 4. Do you have any concerns about how any of these should be addressed, before they go ahead?

* 5. Are there any we should actively avoid? if so why?

* 6. Other destinations that people visit for holidays have branded messages and a defined 'house style', such as Visit Orkney, Love Loch Lomond, Arran Time, Explore Mull & Iona.

Should Islay have one?

* 7. Islay attracts a huge amount of visitor web traffic, people look for information to plan their stay, which of these things do you think might be good for them to find out about and maybe book online more easily?

* 8. Our proposed Visitor Gifiting scheme gives visitors an option to 'join' Islay, Simular to how people join the National Trust - paid membership with Gift Aid, generating funds for initatives such as Beach Rangers.

Members would get updates on what is happening on 'their' island along with some free merchandise, is this a good idea?

* 9. As part of the Islay Development Initiatives website development, we have been asked for a community forum to provide an open space for important community discussion, do you think this is needed?

* 10. Is there anything else you would like to comment on, to help Islay Development Initiative work for Islay, it's community and its future?