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Many of our health services offer good care to people who need it, but the way they are currently delivered could be improved. For example, by making better use of the new possibilities technology offers for prevention, care and treatment, the NHS could avoid 30 million unnecessary outpatient trips to a hospital – saving people time and inconvenience.

In Eastern Devon, we know that people living in rural areas can find it difficult to get to health services, that there are more people living with conditions that could have been prevented, and that people are embracing more technology in their daily lives and increasingly expect their care to be supported by it.

So some of the changes we are considering include providing more care closer to home, online booking systems, alternatives to face to face appointments and avoiding people having to travel to unnecessary appointments.

We want to provide a better service to patients and one which better supports people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Your views are vitally important to the development of this work so please spare us five minutes of your time to tell us what you think.

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