Plans to re-open Granton's historic walled garden and regenerate the land.

Two years ago community growers living in North Edinburgh fell in love with the 'secret' garden, its tumbledown glasshouses, old orchard, and the retired gardener's wonderful stories.
The Friends Group have met regularly since then and come up with some great ideas to help restore the walled garden for community use. Partnership working has allowed us to further research and develop our plans, with support and advice from organisations like the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, Historic Environment Scotland, Nourish and most recently the Cyrenians Farm.
We hope you like the blossoming ideas and have time to give your opinion!  

* 1. Making the historic garden accessible is a priority for the Friends Group. How should we do this?

* 2. Community orchard - restoring the old Victorian trees and planting up some new ones in a corner of the garden. The best of old and new varieties for cooking, juicing and eating fresh. Would you like to help?

* 3. Glasshouse restoration - the 1920's 'vinehouse' is in poor condition but could be repaired and put into use growing early seedlings and overwintering tender plants. Do you think this is a priority?

* 4. Sensory Garden - therapeutic haven for people and wildlife, creating a safe space for peace, tranquillity and contemplation. Do you feel an area in the garden designed with mental health and wellbeing in mind would be useful?

* 5. Fresh vegetables, herbs and soft fruits grown organically for local use. The soil in the garden is deep and rich with great potential to grow good fresh food.
Would you be keen to support this idea or get involved?

* 6. Community Education facilities - workshop space for training in horticulture and related subjects: for example herbal medicine, permaculture design, organic growing, botanical art, traditional crafts and woodworking!
Would you agree with community use of the garden like this?

* 7. Nursery Area - small scale social enterprise at the walled garden growing herbs, wildflowers, fruits and vegetable plants for local use & sale. Growing advice given with a planting service if needed.
We would like to know if you feel this is a good use of part of the walled garden to help generate sustainable income in the future?

* 8. Visitor centre and café/shop. We hope that the walled garden can become a real attraction for local people, and even tourists in the future straying off the beaten track into North Edinburgh. Our home grown produce could be used to supply our very own 'low carbon café' and shop? What do you think of this idea in the longer term?

* 9. Free-range chickens & Beekeeping: chickens can be an invaluable friend to the organic grower, gobbling up pests and weeds then fertilising the soil. Bees are in need of our help and would be central to the orchard garden and vegetable garden's health.
Do you think this idea could work at the walled garden?

* 10. History Trail in and around the garden - using design features, historic plants, artwork and interpretation panels to help tell the story of Granton Castle Walled Garden, One of the oldest in Edinburgh.
Do you think this would interest visitors and add to the garden's tourist appeal?