Please do this survey after each Volcano Friday event. (If you attend no events you can still do it.

* 1. Which Volcano Fridays event(s) did you come to?  (Tick one or more boxes.)

* 2. How much did you enjoy the event(s)?

* 3. Which of these statements do you agree with?  Tick as many as you like

* 4. Please tell us about yourself: age group

* 5. And:

* 6. Tell us about your languages (please write names in the boxes, such as: Armenian, English, Zulu)

* 7. Which local, national/ethnic, political or religious identities are important for you? Please write in the boxes (or leave them empty)

* 8. When do you use more than one language ... ?

* 9. Do you often translate or interpret (written or spoken language)?

* 10. Can we contact you about other events or research? Please give your details. Your data will not be shared outside the Swansea University "Cross-language Dynamics" project team. Our email: