Over the last 12 months, GreaterSport have been engaging with a number of partners across GM who all have a responsibility to volunteering, to develop knowledge and insights of the sport and physical activity landscape of Greater Manchester. Our aim is to use these insights to support volunteering in GM to be more inclusive and representative of GM’s demographics.

More recently, we have been engaging with new and existing partners through online events to identify the role GreaterSport should be playing during the Covid-19 outbreak to support our partners communities, clubs, volunteers and workforce. These events have generated some great discussions and positive feedback, but we acknowledge that everyone who has engaged with us so far have been from a variety of organisations, with varied priorities surrounding volunteering in GM.

We would like to collect feedback on our engagements so far and to shape how we should move forward in a way that can benefit everyone. You do not need to have previously engaged with us to provide feedback through this survey, if you are invested in volunteering and/or physical activity, then your feedback is vital.

This survey will consist of four stages, each stage will offer an opportunity to add any further comments in relation to the questions, this is entirely optional but any input will help us establish a better understanding of the volunteering landscape:

1). To understand your relationship with volunteering
2). To collect feedback on what has been done so far
3). To find out what you would find most valuable to engage with
4). To understand how GreaterSport can support you role
This set of questions is to understand your relationship with sport and physical activity volunteering:

Question Title

* 1. What are your ties to volunteering and where would we find you? (Tick all that apply)

Question Title

* 2. (Optional) Where in Greater Manchester does your role take place? (Tick all that apply)

Question Title

* 3. How important do you feel volunteering is in the day to day activities of your job or volunteer role? (tick multiple if your volunteer and work roles hold different levels of importance)

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