What is this project?

This is the second and last part of a two part survey. Please fill in both to complete.

I am compiling a book and a show to be performed anywhere by any autistic people. It is called Stealth Aspies and attempts to convey the experience of being autistic and what it is like to not know this (until you find out) and what it is like to hide it from the world if you ever do.

I am in no way funded for this project so any money made from the book and show goes my expenses, then to pay my wages for doing it.
In completing this questionnaire you hereby agree to those terms.

I am a 52 year old autistic adult called Paul Wady and you can find out all about me here: www.paulwady.com.

I am also the man behind the Guerilla Aspies show and the Guerilla Aspies - a neurotypical society infiltration manual book.  
Both can be found online.

I seek to be a conduit for my kind. So anything contributed will be edited as little as possible if at all. I hope not to change anything, merely tailor it all into a greater whole to form a coherent experience with some sort of narrative.


Thank you,


* 1. Do you wish to remain anonymous?

* 2. If anonymous is there a name you would like to see mentioned in the credits?

Also you have the option of reflecting your gender ID, if any?

* 3. If you wish to be credited, could you please add your name and email address?

(Only your name will be made public).

* 4. How did it feel when you did not know you were one of the neurodiverse (autistic)?

* 5. If you have to hide the fact that you are autistic, how much pressure is there on you to do this?  How much threat and force do you feel you face?  How much do you have no choice in some situations?

* 6. What was life like coping when you did not know you where neuroatypical or autistic?

* 7. Do you have any tricks or tips you would like to share about how to cope?
(How to ‘do’ neurotypical or relatively socially normal?)

* 8. Is there anything you would like to add please?
Also are there any questions you would like to see added?