Stronger Kent Communities offer training for local charities as part of the 'Skills Exchange' project.

We find volunteers from local employers who are interested in sharing their skills & expertise to benefit charities and community groups.

One way of volunteering, is to host and present training sessions.

We would like to find out what topics your organisation would find useful to learn more about.

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* 1. What training would your organisation find useful?

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* 3. If 'yes', what training did you find useful and why?

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* 4. Where in Kent would be convenient to attend training sessions?

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* 5. Your Details

Thank you very much for providing information about your training needs and for your personal contact details, which are being collected to support delivery of SKC projects. To enable us to do this, TVB / SKC / FFA promise that we will:

·           Keep your data safe & private
·           Not sell your data
·           Give you ways to manage & review your choices to provide us your data.

If you would like to have a chat to discuss our 'Employer Supported Volunteering' and 'Skills Exchange' services further, please get in touch:

Georgie MacFarlan
Project Coordinator