Civic Centre Survey

Tullibody Action Group would like to conduct this online consultation on the Tullibody Civic Centre to determine the best course of action for it's future. Your input is valuable and will help to determine the type of facility required for our growing community

* 1. Postcode

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How often do you visit the Tullibody Civic Centre

* 4. What facilities do you currently use or feel should remain in the Civic Centre
(you can select more than one)

* 5. What other services do you feel would be beneficial to have in the Civic Centre
(you can select more than one)

* 6. Which of the following areas do you feel require improvement.
(You can select more than one)

* 7. Do you think the Civic Centre is fit for purpose and of a necessary standard for its intended use?
Please rate the overall condition of the building.

* 8. Given the choice, what would be your preferred option with regards to the future of the building

* 9. What do you feel would be the most effective way to provide community facilities and services in the future?

* 10. Do you think this facility is an asset to the Tullibody community and worth saving?