1. Introduction

Introduction of Researcher:
 Miss. Natalie Quinn – Walker,

I am currently a Public Health Masters at the University of Wolverhampton, and interested in developing an understanding of the experiences of domestic abuse male victims when attending healthcare services. The aim of the research is to assist in the development of healthcare professional’s awareness of how to identify and support male victims of domestic abuse. This research will be focusing on male victims who have experienced domestic abuse by a female partner and have attended medical attention due to physical injuries. 
The overall question for the study is:

‘Do healthcare professions delivering emergency services have adequate knowledge and awareness to identify and support male domestic abuse victims?’ The aim of this research is to explore previous experiences of men who have attended medical attention due to physical injuries by a female partner. The question focuses on Accident and Emergency, however other healthcare services are also referred to such as GP’s and pharmacies to treat injuries. Questions will be focused on services provided. The aim is to understand whether healthcare professionals have enough knowledge to be able to identify and support a male victim when attending for medical services, and whether male victims feel supported throughout their treatments. Participants will be asked to answer an anonymous online questionnaire through ‘Survey Monkey’, which will contain both open and closed questions. The open-questions will allow a more in-depth answer, and the questionnaire will take up to 15 minutes.  The research is aimed at men who are over the age of 18, who have experienced domestic abuse by a female partner and sought medical assistance due to physical injuries.

Some questions you may have regarding the study:

If I haven’t attended Accident and Emergency services, but attended other medical services can I still take part?

Yes you can still take part in the research, and it would be beneficial for the research to understand why you haven’t attended Accident and Emergency service and why you opted to other use medical services, i.e. GP’s, pharmacy or walk-in centres.  

If I haven’t attended any medical services for physical injuries can I still take part?

As this research focuses on the acknowledgement of healthcare professionals in the medical services, sadly you wouldn’t be recommended to take part. However you can recommend other male victims who have experienced domestic abuse and have attended these services. 

If I meet the criteria why should I take part?

Your participation is important for research to conclude whether there is a requirement of change or recommendations for healthcare professionals. It will enable an understanding of previous experiences, and could lead to further research into the relationship between healthcare professionals and domestic abuse. 

 What is involved?

The study requires an online questionnaire, focusing on experiences whilst attending medical services. The questionnaire, can be completed anywhere with internet access.  The questionnaire enables you to discuss any concerns you may have or how you were treated when attending medical services and whether you have recommends. To ensure you feel comfortable we recommend you take your time in completing the questionnaire, and you can withdraw your involvement at any-time. 

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